Gaia Tantra Yoga healing will have a profound influence upon your emotional, relational and sexual life.



A powerful way each of us is shaped and re-shaped as humans is via the people we love & who love us back. Our personal relationships are a meaningful way of growing-up emotionally. Intimacy is a profound teacher.

Gaia Tantra Yoga recognizes that this is the first time in recorded history that humans have the opportunity to experience sexuality in long term relationships not because of a desire for children or because it is a woman’s marital duty. This is the first time we want sex over time that is about pleasure and connection that is rooted in desire and spirit.


At the heart of sustaining passionate desire (without neediness) and awakening spirit in any relationship is joining two fundamental human needs. On the one hand our need for closeness, security, predictability, safety, dependability, reliability, permanence. On the other hand both men and women have an equally strong need for breathing room, adventure, novelty, mystery, risk, danger, interest in the unknown, the unexpected, and surprise.


When do you find yourself most drawn to your partner? When s/he is away, and when you reunite. People rarely feel desire when they are blended together for long periods of time, or if they are so far apart that you can barely feel them. It is when you look at your partner from a comfortable distance, when this person that is so familiar is also simultaneously somewhat mysterious, and self-reliant. Passionate desire also increases when you see your partner in her/his element, when s/he is doing something s/he is passionate about, and when you look at your partner as self-sustaining, rather than someone you need to be responsible for.

It is in the space between yourself and an other where the erotic lies. This is when the feeling of being drawn towards the other arises. This is what underlies fueling fires of passionate contact.


Gaia Tantra Yoga will give you the skills to develop the optimal degree of contact and healthy boundaries for both of you. You will learn the ability to stay connected to your Self while deeply connected to your beloved. This is when intimacy becomes profound.

When you combine the above view on what enlivens a relationship, with the Tantra techniques to awaken your life-energy, you can deepen your experience of self-love and connection with those you love. You will ignite the levels of passion that you have always wanted.



                           Intimacy is the most important part of being alive:

                       Intimacy with your self and intimacy with others.

                                It has several important ingredients:


Throughout your work and play with Gaia Tantra Yoga, you are supported and encouraged to awaken sensuous awareness of a sacred and spiritual perspective. Your experience with us will always include easy-to-do practices to help you move from your everyday world into a new dimension of alive awareness.

We will help you journey into a deepening interior space of intimacy and connection; uncover extraordinary pleasure while learning to be truly "present" with your-self in the world; and fill-up with your own life-energy as you explore how to manage it in meaningful relationships.

Gaia Tantra Yoga adventures and programs are uniquely designed to energize and harmonize your entire body & mind. Ancient Tantric practices are blended with humanistic and relationship psychology to create a powerful learning environment ripe for transformation. You learn to become a master lover of every single moment of life. Playfulness, laughter and deep stillness are part of the territory as you explore your most creative potential.




        Eroticism &

   Your Sexual Potential...




The Joy & Pain of Intimacy






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